Element 14

Element 14


Women’s Barre / Yoga / Pilates Shoe

Large fits : 8.5-9-9.5-10-10.5-11 Female ( US Shoe Size )
Medium fits : 5.5-6-6.5-7-7.5-8 Female ( US Shoe Size )



Designed to hold the natural structure of your foot, Element 14 provides a stable footing while acting as a durable, second skin with superior grip. Constructed for breathability and comfort, our footwear is made from a lightweight, flexible material which allows a natural bending and flexing in the foot during movement. They’re so agile and airy, you’ll barely remember you’re wearing footwear.

Grip & Support

Slipping and sliding will now be a thing of the past. For solid footing with more control, our footwear is designed to provide a base for superior traction and grip. By achieving a solid footing, you are now able to form a better posture, which in turn creates an improved workout experience. Discover for yourself how you can achieve more control and a better performance by keeping your feet supported and stable.


We’re raising the bar when it comes to dependable studio footwear. Designed for long-continued use, Element 14 are performance skins made of a lightweight, durable material that is constructed to last, unlike many other wraps or studio shoes that are delicate and easily fray. Improve motion control, balance and strength with footwear that is as strong as you are.


Tailored for versatility and contemporary appeal, barre’letixx has set out to create the very best Barre and Yoga footwear to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Inspired by the harmony and grace of Ballet, Barre and Yoga, Element 14 is both comfortable and stylish, while remaining as agile and as strong as you are. Change your perception with a shoe that is in perfect harmony with both your movement and style.