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About barre'letixx

Through many years of research, first-hand experience and technological advancements, barre’letixx creates performance skins made of a lightweight, durable material that is designed to last while remaining flexible and supportive. With barre’letixx revolutionary design in footwear, you will experience less slipping and more stability.

Designed specifically to improve the grip, balance and strength while in the studio, barre’letixx was created by a former model who discovered the beauty and challenge of Barre workouts. Desiring to improve her grip and performance, she designed Element 14 and Aquatic 14, revolutionary footwear for the Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Dance enthusiast.

Discover for yourself how you can achieve more control and a better performance by keeping your feet supported and stable.

Achieve more control, and transform your performance with barre’letixx.

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A Message From The Founder

Ever wonder why you can’t take your practice to the next level? I suspect that it’s “All about that Grip,” or shall I say, the lack there of.

Hi, my name is Stefanie, and I am the creator of barre’letixx. During my personal workouts, I wasn’t able to achieve the grip I needed to hold challenging poses, and I would slip during Flat Back Chair during Barre class. So I began shopping around for something that would give the traction and support I needed, but I came up empty-handed.

I designed the barre’letixx footwear with the Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Dance enthusiast in mind. With Element 14, you can now move purposefully and be free from any constraints or restrictions in your movement, thereby allowing you to attain your higher self during your practice.

With its smooth, sleek design, Element 14 allows you to perform to extreme levels in class and challenge yourself unlike any other product on the market. They give your feet the comfort they deserve, the support they need and the breathability you and I both want, trust me!

When it came to choosing a special name and logo for these revolutionary shoes, I was immediately inspired by both the Dragon and the Dragonfly. The Dragon and the Dragonfly are an intricate part of my existence, and they are in every aspect of my life, including my family, company and the Barre workout itself.

Born the Year of the Dragon, my Chinese zodiac represents power, innovation, health and kind-heartedness. Additionally, my Birthday has two opposing X’s in my zodiac sign.

Since the Dragonfly is closely associated to the Dragon, I naturally chose the Dragonfly to represent strength, beauty and finesse. Also, the Dragonfly is known as the “Ballerina of Insects, and this perfectly communicates the relationship of Barre workouts and how it effortlessly combines Yoga, Pilates and Ballet to create a truly dynamic experience that we all love.

When it came to choosing a name for the company, I wanted to incorporate Barre, my son’s name Xander and the two opposing X’s in my zodiac sign. I am happy that barre’letixx perfectly reflects the company’s purpose, innovation, spirituality and empowerment.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about barre’letixx. I can’t wait for you to experience the major change you will feel during your next workout class, and what a difference it will be!



About D.E.S. Group

The secret of DES Group’s success is vision, longevity, “Made in the USA” products, supply partner relationships and automotive industry knowledge. With over 30 years of experience working with Tier 1’s and OEM’s, the skill sets acquired helped to create the foundation of the DES Group. DES Group thrives in design, engineering, tooling, corporate and product creation, as well as full-service supply chain management. barre’letixx started as an “idea of a product” in March 2017, and by December 2017 will have produced products “Made in the USA”, such as the Element 14 shoes and yoga sportswear. Networking with supply chain partners and other long-term automotive relationships, allowed these Detroiters to build and launch barre’letixx within 9 months.